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Lions Vs. Broncos Score Update: Detroit Is Up Early, 10-3

The Denver Broncos got off to a solid start against the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon, scoring a field goal on their first possession, but the Lions quickly re-took the lead with a touchdown just minutes later.

Mixing things up after last week's brutal first half against the Miami Dolphins, the Broncos did a pretty good job of moving the chains on their first possession. After getting a couple of solid runs from Tim Tebow and Knowshon Moreno, Lance Ball broke off for a 34-yard run that pushed the Broncos into Detroit territory. They stalled after getting near the red zone, though, and had to settle for a field goal.

The defense didn't fare so well on its first possession, though, giving up an 80-yard drive to the Lions in less than three minutes. Matthew Stafford isn't showing many signs of his health issues right now, as he's currently 7-for-8 for 83 yards and one touchdown through the air.

Since those two early scores both teams alternated between short drives ending in punts before the Lions recently got deep enough into Denver territory for Jason Hanson to connect on a 50-yard field goal.

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