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Von Miller Records Two Sacks; Could He Break Rookie Sack Record?

In Sunday's game against the Packers, rookie linebacker Von Miller quietly continued his solid season. Amidst the failure of the team to cover any receiver, Miller was able to pressure Aaron Rodgers during the game, picking up two more sacks. Miller dropped Rodgers for a total of 12 lost yards. Miller now has four sacks.

Miller has recorded at least one sack in his last three games after having zero against the Oakland Raiders to start the season. He had the first two in games that Elvis Dumervil was not on field with him, while the other two came with Dumervil back on the defensive line. It seems as though we should expect more of the latter should Dumervil and Miller continue to team up.

ESPN's Bill Williamson is already wondering if Miller could break Jevon Kearse's rookie record of 14.5 sacks in 1998. That certainly seems like a possibility if Miller's recent performance trend continues.

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