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Best NFL Tailgating: Broncos' Sports Authority Field Reaches No. 6 On Top 10 Tailgating Locations

Don't like the product put on the field at Sports Authority Field at Mile High by the Denver Broncos recently but still go to the games? I bet that's because you like the tailgating there. recently came up with a Top 10 list for best NFL stadiums to tailgate at and Mile High came in at No. 6:

The tailgating experience at Sports Authority Field (which was recently renamed from Invesco Field) is filled with local microbrews and tasty Mexican fare. [...] Plus, around the stadium are plenty of top-rated restaurants to hit after the tailgating festivities and the game, of course.

That'll make up for the interceptions Kyle Orton will throw in the game, the lack of pass coverage by the secondary and the general inability to run the ball, right?

Ranking right ahead of Mile High is Lambeau Field, where the Broncos just played at on Sunday. But those new security features make the area around it quite crowded these days.

The only AFC West stadium to rank higher than the Broncos' was the Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium. At No. 3, Arrowhead offers a college tailgating atmosphere and unparalleled barbeque.