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Broncos Vs. Packers: Tim Tebow Runs One Play, Loses One Yard

Before Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy planned on using the "Tebow Package" to ignite a running game that has been stagnant for the most part of the season.

We saw the Tebow package used in the first quarter. Kyle Orton stepped off the field, Tim Tebow came on. Tebow ran for a loss of one yard and then we didn't see him again in the game. That seemed fine when Orton threw two touchdowns to Eric Decker in the first half and brought the Broncos back into the game, 21-17. But the Packers just kept putting points on the board while the Broncos didn't get anything on offense.

Wouldn't a play from the Tebow package have helped create some life in the second half? It seems John Fox is falling into the same situation Josh McDaniels created with Tim Tebow: shying away from using the Tebow package.

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