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Broncos Defense Ready To Face Calvin Johnson

Throughout the opening seven weeks of the season, Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson has proven to be almost impossible to slowdown. In the past three weeks, Johnson has gone over 100 yards receiving in each game, including 115 yards and a touchdown in the 23-16 loss to the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday. According to an interview with Denver CB Champ Bailey in the Detroit Free Press, the Broncos know that it will take multiple players to try and contain Johnson:

"I think one guy could be successful, but it does take a team effort to defend him all day," Bailey said. "You can’t just match up on him and think it’s going to work all day, if he has a good quarterback throwing the ball. There’s sometimes when he goes up, nobody can get to that height that he reaches. He’s about as tall, strong and unique as they come."

With 45 receptions and 10 TD's already this season, Johnson will be arguably the toughest individual test the Broncos secondary has faced this season. Limiting his touches will be essential if the Broncos want to hand the Lions their third consecutive loss.

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