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Fantasy Football Week 8 Advice: Tim Tebow, Demaryius Thomas Could Turn Into A Fantasy Threat

Fantasy football owners need to start making their final decision before this week's game get underway. The likely decision some owners will need to make is whether Tim Tebow should start for their teams when he goes up against the Detroit Lions. There's always the chance that he plays a full 60 minutes of the way he played the first 55 minutes of last Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins. Or he could play like those last five minutes for the entire game. But more than likely Tebow will be somewhere in the middle.

NumberFire has updated its fantasy projections for Tim Tebow and he's actually seen a nearly two-point increase since the original projections came out. He's still more than likely going to beat his projections of 27 rushing yards, but it's his passing yards (203) that could be in doubt.

However, Tebow seems to have developed a connection with Demaryius Thomas after last week's game when the two hooked up for a late touchdown. NumberFire has put a projection up for Thomas of three receptions for 48 yards (rounding the numbers here). That does seem about right since Thomas is still developing and will need to look out for Eric Decker and Eddie Royal also involved in the receiving game.

Below are numberFire's projections for the Broncos this weekend:

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