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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Denver Broncos Are No. 26 In Real Clear Sports' Rankings

The Denver Broncos are the No. 26 team in Real Clear Sports' NFL power rankings averages. Of the eight power rankings they use, Real Clear Sports has the average at 25.88. The Jacksonville Jaguars took the No. 25 slot because their average was 25.63. That's just a minor difference and one that should just be overlooked.

The Sagarin NFL computer ratings bumped the Broncos up a bit by placing them at No. 24, but since they moved up to No. 25 in other rankings the impact wasn't as great in previous weeks. But at least the Broncos are higher than the Seattle Seahawks, who had ranked higher than them in several of the individual rankings.

A solid victory over the Detroit Lions will surely move the Broncos again, but a repeat of Sunday, win or lose, won't impress anyone.

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