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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: CBS Sports' Pete Prisco Moves Denver Broncos Up To No. 27

Last week, CBS Sports' Pete Prisco was really down on the Denver Broncos. Not as down as the winless team, but enough to have him slot them in at No. 29. A victory one week later has moved the Broncos up to No. 27 in Prisco's latest power rankings. That seems about fair since other rankings have also moved the Broncos up two spots this week. Prisco, though, takes a more succinct route in summing up what Tebow will be for the Broncos this season:

Tim Tebow time will make for some exciting football, with a lot of ups and downs.

And more quibbling. The Seahawks are better than the Broncos? They scored three points in a 6-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Tarvaris Jackson? Charlie Whitehurst? Tebow certainly delivers better performances than those two.

Power rankings would be better served under the name subjective rankings.

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