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NFL Power Rankings 2011, Week 8: Brian Billick Moves Denver Broncos To No. 25

It's hard to say if something is fashionable after just two appearances, but with SB Nation moving the Denver Broncos to No. 25 in its NFL power rankings so did Fox Sports' Brian Billick. As Billick notes:

Lets keep it basic. The Broncos got a win on the road with a big fourth-quarter comeback. The first 55 minutes leaves you questioning the future of Tim Tebow and the Broncos, but John Fox and the Bronco'fans [sic] will take the wins when they come.

And that basically sums up everyone's opinion on the matter. Fifty-five minutes and then five minutes. Tim Tebow Time. It's all kind of tiring at this point.

And then there are the quibbles here. Are the 2-5 Carolina Panthers really the No. 20 team in the league right now? And what about the Philadelphia Eagles? They're 2-4 and move up one spot after being idle on Sunday. Is Billick projecting them to be better or does he just prove that power rankings don't matter?

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