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Tom Brady Speaks On Tim Tebow

Love him or hate him, he's in the NFL. That's Tom Brady, of course. He might be the second-most divisive quarterback in the league behind Tim Tebow. That whole Boston thing isn't just related to the Red Sox.

Just recently, Brady was on a WEEI and was asked about Tebow. He was unable to comment directly on Tebow's play since he hasn't seen much video on him, but he did say that playing quarterback is a continual learning process, one that Brady is still part of in his 12th season.

NESN has a transcript of some of Brady's quote, but this is probably the best one:

"We're all trying to get better on a weekly basis. The important part for a quarterback is not to regress."

And for Tebow, that means he can't be jerked around as the starter. Either he is or he isn't. John Fox appears to be committed to him for now, but Tebow's struggles need to be lived through for the next 10 games. As we saw Sunday in Miami, Tebow can turn things on when it matters the most. For now, he just needs to progress in the first 55 minutes of the game.