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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Should See Slight Improvement After Victory Over Miami Dolphins

The Denver Broncos should move up a spot or two in the latest NFL Power rankings after defeating the Miami Dolphins.

With their second victory in hand, the Denver Broncos should move up a couple of spots in the latest NFL power rankings that will come out on Tuesday. Mired toward the bottom from No. 27 to No. 29 the last several weeks, the Broncos should find themselves slightly higher, most likely at No. 25.

The teams that the Broncos will be grouped with are the other 2-4 teams: the Seattle Seahawks, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Carolina Panthers are 2-5, but they could be above the Broncos since they defeated the Washington Redskins on Sunday. The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the same boat as the Panthers following a win over the Baltimore Ravens.

But at least the Broncos escaped the group of teams that includes the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings. Also, the 0-6 Miami Dolphins will stay amidst the bottom, but the No. 32 spot must be reserved for the Indianapolis Colts, who fell to 0-7 after a 62-7 loss.

Elsewhere, the Green Bay Packers will stay at No. 1 after moving to 7-0 with a victory over the Minnesota Vikings. In the AFC West, the Raiders had cracked the top 10 last week, but they will likely plummet after a 28-0 shutout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chargers should also move down after losing to the New York Jets.

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