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John Fox: '[Tebow's] 2-2 As A Starter, Leave It At That'

During his Monday presser, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox was tight lipped about Tim Tebow. While he did confirm Tebow is the starter right now, Fox didn't commit to much more than that. As Andrew Mason of tweeted:

Fox, on whether Tebow gives DEN best chance to win: "I'll probably never use that statement again...he's 2-2 as a starter, leave it at that"
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Because, you know, Kyle Orton never gave the Broncos the best chance to win.

But Fox is right to stay mum on Tebow. The second-year quarterback needed quite a bit of help to pick up his second career victory. Tebow didn't force that fumble on the Dolphins and he certainly didn't kick or recover the onside kick. But, hey, Tebow's still got 10 more games to change Fox's mind about saying that stuff again.