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Week 7 NFL Injury Report: Willis McGahee Will See Hand Specialist On Monday, According To Report

Denver Broncos running back Willis McGahee broke his hand on Sunday and his status will be determined after visiting a hand specialist on Monday.

Denver Broncos running back Willis McGahee broke his hand during Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins, but the status of his hand is unknown. However, as the Denver Post reports, McGahee left the stadium with a cast on his right hand and his ring and pinky fingers wrapped.

He is expected to see a hand specialist today to determine if he will need surgery to repair the damage. If so, he would be the second broken to have surgery on his hand. Receiver Demaryius Thomas had his return to the football field delayed after he broke his pinky finger just days before the football season began.

If he does miss time, Knowshon Moreno would likely take over the starting duties once again while Lance Ball serves as his back up. Moreno has so far been unimpressive and injured in 2011. He has just 17 carries for 54 yards since becoming the team's third-down back.

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