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VIDEO: Greg Gumbel Defends Tim Tebow By Calling Out Hulk Hogan

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Hulk Hogan launched a tirade against Tim Tebow and Tebow Mania? You know, because deep down he fears that Tebow Mania will overtake Hulkamania. Well, Greg Gumbel ripped Hogan's tirade on Sunday afternoon after Tebow helped the Denver Broncos to a 18-15 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

via @cjzero

"Remember when Hogan came out and really ripped Tebow? I must have been out of the country when Hulk Hogan--when people cared what he thought about anything other than play acting in a fake sport," Gumbel said. Well, Greg, saying something like that just empowers people to talk about Hogan.

You know, maybe Hogan was doing a bit more of that acting when he was on ESPN and delivered an anti-Tebow sermon. I think he was back in that Hollywood persona that he created during his WCW and later WWE times.

No one ever cared about the Tebow rant. We all just got a laugh out of it.