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Broncos Vs. Dolphins Overtime Alert: Tim Tebow Leads 4th Quarter Comeback

For the first 54 minutes of Sunday's game, the Denver Broncos looked to have hit rock bottom. They were down, 15-0, to the Miami Dolphins and struggling mightily. But then Tim Tebow willed his team to victory, throwing two touchdown passes within the final three minutes of the game. He found Demaryius Thomas for a five-yard touchdown. On the next drive, he hooked up with Daniel Fells a couple of times, including the three-yard touchdown pass.

Here's video of the second touchdown pass:

Tebow drops back and floats a pass to Fells before the pressure gets to him. Fells then glides into the end zone before a couple of defenders attempt to hit him. The Broncos made the two-point conversion and sent the game to overtime.

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