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VIDEO: Tim Tebow Electrifies Miami Crowd For A Play

Tim Tebow isn't having the best of games for the Denver Broncos, but then no one on the field between the Broncos and the Miami Dolphins is doing much good. Tebow is just 3-of-5 for 24 yards passing while rushing five times for 44 yards. He had a 21-yard run toward the end of the second half that excited the crowd:

That's pretty much vintage Tebow. He doesn't find an open receiver so he falls back and looks close to being sacked. But before that happens at the goal line, Tebow escapes, sheds a couple of tackles and then barrels his way through another defender to pick up 21 yards and the first down. The crowd goes wild

Then on the next play, Tebow fumbled the ball. The crowd started to chant, "Tebow sucks!." So, yeah, that's how things have gone on Sunday

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