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Broncos Vs. Dolphins Halftime Score: Offensive Ineptitude By Both Sides Results In Miami Lead, 6-0

The Denver Broncos and the Miami Dolphins are playing in a very offensive game at halftime--offensive to football watchers' sensibilities and to fans of both teams. The Dolphins lead the Broncos at halftime, 6-0.

The Broncos twice had chances to put points on the board, but Matt Prater missed two field goals of 45-plus yards. The Dolphins, meanwhile, saw Dan Carpenter kick field goals of 38 and 36 yards for the lead. It has been a poor offensive showing by both teams.

Running back Willis McGahee had a costly fumble that led to the Dolphins second field goal:

As we see, McGahee takes the ball up the middle of the field, but he fails to properly secure the ball, resulting in a fumble and a turnover. That pretty much sums up the afternoon so far for both teams.

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