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Tim Tebow Plays Conservative 1st Drive, Sees Team Punt

Tim Tebow's first drive as the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback began at his own 15-yard line. After loud cheers and boos erupted when he stepped foot onto the field, Tebow had his work to do. On his first play, Tebow was under center and he then handed off to Willis McGahee for a run of three yards. With his second snap, Tebow was in the shotgun and looked for Demaryius Thomas. Tebow faced plenty of pressure and almost threw it to Karlos Dansby.

On 3rd-and-6, Tebow faked a hand off and then ran for a short gain, resulting in a three-and-out on his first drive. Miami will have its second drive after also punting on their first opportunity. The crowd is still trying to get into the game.

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