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Fantasy Football Week 7 Advice: Tim Tebow An Intriguing Option; Willis McGahee, Eric Decker Also Good Options

At this point in the 2011 NFL season, the Denver Broncos don't have a great number of fantasy players who should be automatic starts for the team. There are only two players who should be definite starts and one who might be worth the risk.

The first of two definite starters is running back Willis McGahee. He has clearly become the No. 1 back in Denver while Knowshon Moreno keeps his spot on the team as the third-down back. According to numberFire's running back rankings, McGahee is the No. 12 player this week. Their projections, however, see McGahee only picking up 66 yards on the ground and nearly 11 points. McGahee has two straight games of 100 yards and the bye week should have given his legs renewed life for this week, but the added dimension of Tim Tebow in the offense could keep McGahee's numbers down slightly.

NumberFire's wide receiver rankings aren't crazy for Eric Decker this week as he is the No. 19 pass catcher this week. He is projected for 6.70 points and around three catches for 53 yards. Decker is now a permanent starter (we think) for the Broncos, so Tim Tebow might become more comfortable with him. Still, Tim Tebow needs to improve his accuracy.

And that brings us to the third player who could be fantasy boon: Tim Tebow. We've spent some time over the last two weeks looking at Tebow's fantasy outlook. NumberFire has him as the No. 7 quarterback this Sunday. He seems like the ultimate risk/reward player this week. He's going up against an 0-5 team and offers an extra dimension, mobile quarterback, that the Dolphins need to look out for. Can they? If an owner believes that, it might be worth it to start Tebow.

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