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Broncos Vs. Packers Score: Aaron Rodgers Trouncing Denver, 42-17

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is doing it all today. He's passed for three touchdowns and rushed for two, as well. Now, if he had an interception return for a touchdown or recovered an onside kick, I'd be even more impresses. As it stands, the Packers had both of those plays happen with other guys on the field.

Rodgers is 24-of-30 for 375 yards and was at one point the team's leading rusher. His 31 yards is second to James Starks' 32 for the game. Rodgers used almost 10 minutes of the third quarter to direct those scoring drives. He was aided by a Denver Broncos turnover near the Green Bay goal line.

Daniel Fells caught a Kyle Orton pass and then fumbled it around the Packers' five-yard line. That was the best chance the Broncos have had so far to stay in this game, but they failed. They are losing, 42-17, in the final quarter.

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