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VIDEO: Charles Woodson Intercepts Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton is not winning or even keeping many Denver Broncos fans on his side this season, and every interception he throws more continue to flock away from him. Case in point, right after Aaron Rodgers put the Green Bay Packers ahead, 7-3, Kyle Orton allowed the Packers to add more points not more than 10 seconds later.

Orton looked for Eric Decker, but Charles Woodson read the play, intercepted the pass and returned it for a 30-yard touchdown. Check out the video after the jump

Orton, as you can see, threw it right at Woodson there. There's no way to spin that. Orton messed up on that throw. No ifs, ands or buts. Orton is not winning this game for the Broncos, and he surely knows that Tim Tebow is breathing over his shoulder.

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