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Broncos Vs. Packers Score: Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson Have Green Bay Up, 14-3

The Denver Broncos' 3-0 lead lasted just a little over three minutes in the first quarter. Aaron Rodgers felt plenty of pressure from Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller on the drive, but all he needed was one good play. After running back James Starks picked up a 16-yard gain on the ground to reach the 50-yard line, Rodgers threw a home run pass to Jordy Nelson, who caught the pass for a touchdown amidst three Broncos defenders. Rookie safety Rahim Moore was turned around the play, allowing Nelson to get to the end zone.

With the 7-3 lead, the Packers didn't waste much time to add more points. Kyle Orton threw a pass intended for Eric Decker, but Charles Woodson found it and put it into the end zone 30 yards later. The Packers now lead, 14-3. That was Orton's fourth interception of the season. Woodson now has 50 career interceptions.

The Packers recovered an onside kick.

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