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Tim Tebow Expected To Receive Playing Time Against Packers

The last time we saw Tim Tebow on the field was the Denver Broncos' emergency wide receiver during Week 2's victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. He lined up in the slot because Eddie Royal was injured and the team had only Eric Decker and Matthew Willis remaining at receiver. Tebow did not catch a pass.

Against the Packers, Tim Tebow is expected to play--just not as a receiver. He'll stick on the field as either quarterback or he'll shift to being a running back. The "Tebow Package" is back in play. This does not mean that Kyle Orton will be coming out of the game to take a breather. Rather, we could see Orton line up as a wide receiver while Tebow takes a snap from the center.

Or we could see Tebow line up behind or to the side of Orton for a hand off. The Broncos do want to spark a running game that is averaging just 76 yards per game. Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee have struggled or dealt with injuries so far this season.

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