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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: CBS Sports Retains Denver Broncos At No. 29

CBS Sports didn't move the Denver Broncos up or down this week in its latest power rankings, keeping them at No. 29 instead. That makes the Denver Broncos the worst of the one-win teams. Here's what Pete Prisco wrote:

Tebow Time in Miami is five days away. I bet you can hardly wait. I know Denver fans can't.

Fans in Miami probably also can't wait for Tebow to start. He gets honored at halftime as part of the celebration for the 2009 Florida Gators national championship team. But that's rather different from how Broncos fans are feeling.

Broncos fans want to know what kind of quarterback they have in Tebow and they have 11 weeks to determine that. Win or lose, Tebow will likely be good f or some exciting plays week-in and week-out. But that might not be enough for him to be the future at quarterback for the Broncos.

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