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Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Leaves Denver Broncos At No. 27

The Denver Broncos remained at No. 27 in ESPN's Week 7 NFL power rankings. A team that didn't play has no reason to drop, but could move up as we saw earlier in SB Nation's NFL power rankings. As expected, the teams below the Broncos are the Vikings, the Jaguars and the winless Dolphins, Rams and Colts. Here's the blurb on the Broncos:

Tim Tebow will draw lots of eyeballs Monday [sic] night, but his receivers won't include Brandon Lloyd.

The Broncos play the Dolphins on Sunday, but that's a minor point. There really does seem to be a bit of gloom for the Broncos now that Brandon Lloyd is gone, but Eric Decker has shown that he is an impact receiver. Plus, Demaryius Thomas is expected to play this week, and the Broncos do need to find out what they have in the second-year player. Injuries have slowed down his career.

Either way, the Broncos were running out of playing time for their receivers and it made sense to move the aging veteran who wanted a payday this offseason.

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