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Trade Kyle Orton To The Miami Dolphins? ESPN's Adam Schefter Would Make It So

It's unlikely the Denver Broncos are going to trade benched quarterback Kyle Orton, but if there were one place that would make sense to make a trade with, it would be Miami. The Dolphins are without Chad Henne for the season and are starting Matt Moore at quarterback now.

ESPN's Adam Schefter takes on the role of both team and offers it as one of his five sensible trade deadline deals that won't happen. He sees the Broncos receiving a fifth-round choice in return and the Dolphins tweaking its contract extension offer to Orton. The only problem I see with this is that Schefter sees it as a move to bridge the gap to the future quarterback. Again, Orton would just be in the same situation he found himself in while part of the Broncos.

One of the other trades Schefter thinks should but won't happen is the Broncos sending linebacker D.J. Williams to Brian Dawkins to the Eagles for a third-round pick. Williams' future with the team is in doubt and Dawkins might not have much left in the tank. Plus, Dawkins would return to his former team. This one makes sense.