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Kyle Orton Listed As Co-Backup With Brady Quinn On Denver Broncos Depth Chart

The Denver Broncos have Tim Tebow at the top of their depth chart after much shouting from fans and, more strikingly, poor play from Kyle Orton. Now Kyle Orton is the other player listed with Brady Quinn as the backup. Check it out here.

Here it is for posterity, just in case the chart changes:


Obviously, this doesn't answer who would enter the game should Tebow get injured or if Tebow struggles and needs to be removed. One would think the team should try out Brady Quinn in order to see what the team has in him. On the other hand, there is no real need to declare the exact backup, at least for this team. John Fox likes to keep the element of surprise there should the need arise, but also teams have no need to designate a third quarterback any longer. The new CBA eliminated the emergency quarterback rules.