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NFL Trade Deadline: Don't Expect Kyle Orton To Be Moved, Says ESPN's Adam Schefter

The NFL trade deadline comes on Tuesday, Oct. 18, but don't expect the Denver Broncos to move Kyle Orton, reports ESPN's Adam Schefter on SportsCenter (via Rotoworld). Schefter believes a trade is unlikely because no team will want to take on a contact that has a base salary of $7.379 million for this season and pay the remainder of it.

Incidentally, the Broncos are playing the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 23, a team that looked primed to make a trade for Orton before all the sides failed to work out draft pick compensation and a new contract. Instead, the Dolphins went with Chad Henne, who is now out for the season with a shoulder injury. Matt Moore is the starter there for now.

Now the Broncos are left with a few options on Kyle Orton: they can release him, they can install him as the backup or they could push him behind Brady Quinn on the depth chart. If John Fox isn't beholden to Tim Tebow for the rest of the season, playing Quinn would be a better option than putting Orton back in.

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