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NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: CBS Sports Drops Denver Broncos One Spot

Tim Tebow. Have you had enough of Tim Tebow? The Week 6 NFL power rankings haven't. Take, for instance,'s write-up for the No. 29 Denver Broncos:

It's Tim Tebow time. And you know what: It should be. Give him his chance. But he isn't the answer.

Well, Tebow wants to prove that last belief wrong. His hard work and talent want to work out in the end, but the odds do seem to be against him. He's playing for a bad team that could use use a spark plug like him, but there are no guarantees that even providing a spark will solve the systemic issues on the roster.

The only teams below the Broncos are the winless one: the St. Louis Rams, the Miami Dolphins and the Indianapolis Colts. The Broncos play the Dolphins in two weeks, which could result in a switch in their positions. Of course, that's assuming the Dolphins lose to the New York Jets this coming week and stay winless.

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