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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Denver Broncos Top Minnesota Vikings, Winless Teams, But No One Else

"It's Tebow Time!" or some variant of mentioning Tim Tebow is most likely going to be the main element of blurbs in this week's NFL power rankings. Take Joel Thorman's NFL Week 6 power rankings at SB Nation, which have the Denver Broncos at No. 28:

28. Denver Broncos (1-4, LW: 26): All I can say is: It's Tebow time.

And that pretty much sums up where this team is at right now. A 1-4 team isn't going to recover and make the playoffs. Not even Tim Tebow can pull off that miracle (but if he does, make sure you let me know how wrong I was).

But even all the Tebow enthusiasm isn't pushing the Broncos up the power rankings. As we figured earlier, the Broncos would be better than all the winless teams, but it wasn't clear where they would be among the other 1-4 teams. The answer: only better than the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings defeated the 1-4 Arizona Cardinals on the strength of three Adrian Peterson touchdown runs.

Yet, the Cardinals are ahead of both the Broncos and Vikings. Oh, and the 1-4 Philadelphia Eagles are at No. 22, falling just two spots from last week's rankings. Well, I guess so.

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