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Tim Tebow Nominated For GMC Never Say Never Moment Of The Week Award

Week 5 of the 2011 NFL season is in the books and it's time to give out awards, like the weekly GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Wekk Award. Candidates for this week's voting include the Oakland Raiders' Jason Campbell for throwing the touchdown pass that put the team in the leaf over the Raiders (I'd have gone with Michael Huff making the game-ending interception in that game) and Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Charlie Whitehurst directing a comeback against the Giants after Tarvaris Jackson went down with and injury.


But the third candidate? Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow directing an ultimately failed comeback. Wait, what!? As it reads in his write-up: "Tebow nearly leads rousing rally." Sure, it was. But "never say never" normally connotes that something actually happened. In this case, the comeback victory failed to happen.


But it does make sense since Kyle Orton wasn't going to do anything close to that in the second half had he stayed in the game. So, I guess, yeah: never say never.