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Tim Tebow Named Denver Broncos Starting Quarterback, According To Reports

Denver Broncos head coach has named Tim Tebow the team's starting quarterback, according to reports from ESPN and Fox Sports' Jay Glazer. This move comes just two days after Tebow relieved Kyle Orton at the start of the second half of their game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday afternoon. Tebow brought the Broncos to within two points of the Chargers, 26-24, but he and the team ultimately fell, 29-24.

The Broncos are off this week and only have two days to practice, Tuesday and Wednesday. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, players are off for four straight days during their bye week. So from Thursday through Sunday, there will be no organized practices. Tebow won't get his first real week of practice until Monday.

On Oct. 23, the Brocos head to Florida to face the Miami Dolphins in a game that will celebrate Tim Tebow's national championship victory with the Florida Gators.

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