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The Fantasy Football Impact Of Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow

Fantasy football owners should monitor Tim Tebow before they roll the dice on picking up Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow for their rosters.

If, as is expected on Tuesday, Tim Tebow is named the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback on Tuesday, should fantasy football owners scramble (ha-ha, joke intended) to pick up the quarterback? SB Nation Fantasy doesn't believe Tebow is a "much better option than Orton," but there is slightly more redeeming value in Tebow than Orton:

Scrambling quarterbacks automatically gain some value over pocket quarterbacks, so that is one thing to keep in mind with Tebow. I personally don't recommend adding him off your waiver wire, but if you're feeling a little frisky, maybe you stash him on your bench in case of injury or bye.

That sounds about right. And with the Denver Broncos on a bye week, owners who are feeling frisky would be wasting a roster spot if they pick him up immediately. However, definitely keep an eye on how he performs in the coming weeks.

His first game under the helm would be in two weeks against the Miami Dolphins on the road. It's also the game that the Dolphins are celebrating Florida's national championship team--one that had Tim Tebow as the star. That could definitely give him a boost in his first game. However, even playing against the winless (as of now) Dolphins might not solve his problems of inaccuracy. In three games last year, Tebow completed just 50 percent of his passes and he under threw his receivers plenty of times on Sunday. The latter performance could be written off as getting readjusted for now.

As for his impact on his wide receivers, it probably doesn't change much. As we saw last year, Tebow still looked to Brandon Lloyd during his short stint as the starter. While Skip Bayless believes in odd conclusions about Lloyd, the wide receiver isn't out to sabotage Tebow.

FINAL CONCLUSION: Monitor Tim Tebow's performance if he is named starting quarterback, but he's unlikely to be a starter or even immediate backup this season.

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