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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Certainly Better Than Winless Colts, Dolphins And Rams

Where will the Denver Broncos appear in the Week 6 NFL power rankings?

There aren't many teams than the Denver Broncos, and the Week 6 NFL power rankings will certainly reflect that. We can count on three fingers the teams that are likely to be beneath the Broncos: the Indianapolis Colts, the Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams. Things get murky after that with five other 1-4 teams all needing to find a landing spot.

The only 1-4 team that won was the Minnesota Vikings, which means they are finally going in the right direction. But they beat the now 1-4 Arizona Cardinals, which isn't a signature victory. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been going backwards since they started the season off with a victory by losing four straight. The Philadelphia Eagles are also on a four-game losing streak. Not even Michael Vick has been able to save the Eagles from ignominy. The Carolina Panthers fell to the New Orleans Saints, 30-27, which is an improvement for them.

Where does that leave the Denver Broncos? It depends on how one wants to look at the Broncos. At 1-4, they're not as bad as the winless teams (well, the Broncos game against the Dolphins in two weeks is set up right now to prove that). They're spot among the 1-4 teams depends on how the individual ranker views Tim Tebow and the team going forward. Tebow almost pulled the Broncos to a victory and he made the Broncos exciting. Is that enough to make them marginally better than the other 1-4 teams?

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