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2011 NFL Standings: San Diego Chargers Still Hold AFC West Lead, But Oakland Raiders Right Behind

At this point in the season, the Denver Broncos are wondering how far up the AFC West standings they'll need to look at the end of the season. With a 29-24 loss on Sunday, the Broncos are looking up at the 4-1 San Diego Chargers with the opposite record. Both the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs also picked up wins on Sunday, distancing them from the Broncos.

The Chiefs, who looked so bad during the first two weeks of the season, did beat the 0-5 Indianapolis Colts on Sunday for their second win. We'll need to wait until after their bye this week to see how improved they really are. They will play the Oakland Raiders on the road.

The Raiders are second in the West with a 3-2 record after coming off an emotional win over the Houston Texans just one day after owner Al Davis died at 82. They could tie the Chargers in the win column with a home victory over the Cleveland Browns this Sunday.

AFC West Standings

San Diego 4 1
0 120 109
gOakland 3 2 0 136 133
Kansas City 2 3
0 77 150
Denver 1 4 0 105 140

(updated 10.10.2011 at 5:36 AM EDT)