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Skip Bayless Still Loves Tim Tebow, But Trolls Brandon Lloyd

Skip Bayless is a noted Tim Tebow enthusiast. Is he really or is he just peddling a viewpoint so ESPN can have some controversy whenever he says something stupid, idiotic and ridiculous? Take for instance something he said on ESPN's First Take Monday morning. He said that Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd purposely didn't catch the two-point conversion pass from Tebow. He then tweeted a follow-up to that.

Brandon Lloyd, Orton supporter w/ NFL's best hands, HAS TO make 2-pt catch on perfect throw. Was heart not in it? Not fully focused? Strange
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See, he's questioning Lloyd's heart and wonders if all this Tebow stuff might be distracting him. Never mind that Lloyd dropped passes from Orton as well. Oh, and let's not forget that Lloyd had that amazing catch at the end of the game that helped Tebow eventually have a chance at a Hail Mary pass. Ah, but see, Bayless would likely say that Lloyd was only saved by the challenge on the play, that he really just wanted to make it look like he was trying, right?

Skip, whether you believe that or not, it's just stupid.