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John Fox Unsettled On Tim Tebow Or Kyle Orton As Broncos Quarterback

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox has two weeks to decide who his starting quarterback will be against the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 23. After weeks of being adamant that Kyle Orton gave the Broncos the best chance to win, he changed course during halftime against the San Diego Chargers and inserted Tim Tebow into the lineup. While the Broncos lost, 29-24, Tebow did provide a spark that Orton had been unable to in previous weeks.

However, after the game comments from Fox reveal, at least publicly, that the coach has not settled on his starting quarterback going forward. Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post reports that Fox said, "It will all be up for discussion." As for when he will decide who will start, Fox gave a curt reply (via the Denver Post): "Kind of when we decide [...]." Fans, don't rush Fox to a decision, but he will likely take the bye week before announcing his starting quarterback.

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