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Denver Broncos Coaching Search: John Elway Confirms Team's Interest In Stanford Coach Jim Harbaugh

During today's press conference announcing his elevation to Denver Broncos executive vice president of football operations, John Elway confirmed that the team is interested in Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. Elway, a Stanford alum, was at the 2011 Orange Bowl between Stanford and Virginia Tech as an honorary team captain for the Cardinal.

Elway told Harbaugh earlier this week that if he wanted to make the jump to the NFL, the Denver Broncos would be interested in him; however, Elway has not spoken to Harbaugh since the Orange Bowl on Monday. He said he will call Harbaugh on Wednesday night or Thursday and that the Broncos organization will need to sell itself to him.

But will Harbaugh want to be the Broncos' next coach? SB Nation Bay Area has been following the Jim Harbaugh carousel closely, and the Michigan Wolverines and the NFL's San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins appear in hot pursuit of the coach's services.

If Harbaugh leaves for the NFL, this could change Stanford QB Andrew Luck's decision to stay in school or not. If Harbaugh leaves for the NFL, will he try to acquire the No. 1 overall pick from the Carolina Panthers and draft Luck, should he come out? Months and months to go to find that out. Stay tuned.