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John Elway Press Conference: The Elway Era Begins For The Denver Broncos

In a wide-ranging 45-minute Q&A between John Elway and reporters, Denver Broncos fans gained a glimpse of the path their fans will see in the coming days, months, and seasons. Each wearing orange ties, team president Joe Ellis, owner Pat Bowlen and John Elway took successive turns at the podium. It was an event designed to pump up the fans again.

Ellis opened the press conference talking about John Elway: "He brings great knowledge, a competitive fire, a clear vision and an appreciation of what the Denver Broncos mean to the city and the fans." Ellis gave way to Bowlen, who kept his remarks short. He said he could think of no one better to turn around the Broncos' organization.

Then Elway stepped in front of the microphone and delivered his opening remarks, spanning from Tim Tebow to the state of the organization to the head coaching search. More than anything, Elway stressed the importance of the fans and the need for transparency throughout his time at the podium. Noting that the "Broncos are about integrity," Elway said, "We've lost that emotional connection with the fans." Further, any new head coach the team decided on will need to understand that connection.

When discussing the structure of the organization, Elway explained that it will be a consensus approach between Elway, general manager Brian Xanders and the new head coach. Elway will serve as a mediator between the head coach and Xanders should there be disagreement; if a consensus can't be reached then they will need to go in a new direction to find a consensus.

Discussing the on-field product, Elway declared there was talent on the roster, but that it is not at the level it should be. He also stressed that no decision has been made on Tim Tebow's status as the team's starting quarterback, but any new head coach would need to be able to work with him.

At the end of the press conference, Elway discussed his father, Jack, whom Elway would have made his first hire, said with a bit of laughter. All in all, Elway is ready to take this challenge head-on and is not concerned with his legacy. It's just another mountain for him to climb.

Overall, Elway gave the impression of being a hands-on leader for whom anyone should want to work or play. His enthusiasm and candor will hopefully serve him well in the days ahead.