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2011 NFL Schedule: Denver Broncos To Host Jay Cutler-Led Chicago Bears

The Denver Broncos will welcome back former starting quarterback Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears at Invesco Field at Mile High this coming Fall 2011. Cutler was traded to the Bears during the 2009 offseason at the start of Josh McDaniels' tenure as Broncos head coach. McDaniels had tried to acquire Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel, which led to Cutler's desire for a trade. Eventually, McDaniels and the Broncos found Chicago as a willing trade participant.

The Bears sent Kyle Orton, their 2009 and 2010 first-round draft picks and a 2009 third-round pick to the Broncos for Cutler and a 2009 fifth-round selection. Cutler has led the Bears to an 18-14 record over the last two seasons and a playoff appearance this season. He continued his habit of throwing interceptions aplenty to the Windy City, having a league-high 26 in 2009. But, ultimately, what it comes down to is that he and the Bears are in the playoffs and the Broncos are not.

Meanwhile, Kyle Orton has had an undistinguished time in Denver, though he was looking good for about half of the 2010 season. By the time the Bears and Broncos kick off, Kyle Orton will be playing elsewhere and the Broncos will have Josh McDaniels' lasting legacy under center. McDaniels' prize first-round draft pick, Tim Tebow, will likely be the Broncos starting quarterback in 2011.

Cutler Vs. Tebow - Battle of Josh McDaniels' Legacies. Get your ticket now!