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2011 Pro Bowl Score: NFC All-Stars Lead, 42-7, At Halftime

The 2011 Pro Bowl has little intensity despite a 42-7 lead at halftime by the NFC All-Stars. The NFC started with 42 unanswered points before the AFC All-Stars' Jamaal Charles rushed for a touchdown around the two-minute mark in the second quarter.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers threw for 35 yards and two interceptions. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning went 2-of-5 with an interception. The Chiefs' Matt Cassel went 1-of-3 with an interception as well. Jamaal Charles tallied 63 yards on the ground.

For the NFC, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan went 6-of-7 for 91 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Eagles quarterback Michael Vick had five completions for 59 yards. Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Rams running back Steven Jackson all rushed for touchdowns. Peterson led the ground game with 59 yards.

For the Broncos, receiver Brandon Lloyd had one catch for 15 yards. Cornerback Champ Bailey made three tackles.