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Denver Broncos Head Coaching Search: Texans' Gary Kubiak Keeps Job

Shortly after the Denver Broncos fired Josh McDaniels, there was speculation that the team was interested in Houston Texans coach (and former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator) Gary Kubiak. All that speculation can end now. Texans owner Bob McNair will keep Gary Kubiak as the team's head coach in 2011. That's despite a 6-10 record in 2010, only a year after posting a 9-7 record (the franchise's first), the worst pass defense in the league and the 30th defense overall.

Kubiak is 37-43 overall since leaving the Denver Broncos in 2006 to become the Texans' head coach. With Kubiak's name off the list, other names remain. The Falcons' offensive coordinator, Mike Mularkey, remains an intriguing possibility. With John Elway set to be announced as a Broncos football executive, might Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh be a possibility? San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera could also enter into the conversation. Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier looks ready to receive the permanent position there.