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NFL Playoff Picture: Brackets Set Except For NFC West Participant

The 2011 NFL Playoff Bracket is all set except for the NFC West winner. The Indianapolis Colts (10-6) defeated the Tennessee Titans on Sunday to win the AFC South, and the Green Bay Packers (10-6) won, 10-3, over the Chicago Bears. The only spot left open is for the NFC West winner, which comes down to the winner of Sunday night's Rams-Seahawks game. It's a winner-takes-all contest.

While the NFL will release the official schedule later on, here is what the games will be based on the standings:

AFC Playoff Bracket

No. 1 New England Patriots (AFC East winner) - First-round bye

No. 2 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC North winner) - First-round bye

No. 6 New York Jets (WC) Vs. No. 3 Indianapolis Colts (AFC South winner)

No. 5 Baltimore Ravens (WC) Vs. No. 4 Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West winner)

NFC Playoff Bracket

No. 1 Atlanta Falcons (NFC South winner) - First-round bye

No. 2 Chicago Bears (NFC North winner) - First-round bye

No. 6 Green Bay Packers (WC) Vs. No. 3 Philadelphia Eagles (NFC East winner)

No. 5 New Orleans Saints Vs. No. 4 Rams or Seahawks (NFC West winner)