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The Super Bowl Commercial FOX Won't Let You See (Video)

One of the things to look forward to when the Super Bowl is played is all the new commercials companies pay huge sums of money to air, and if a fan's team isn't in the game some of these commercials could be the highlights of the night.

But FOX, which broadcasts the game this year on Feb. 6, has already decided to ban an ad from airing., which is some sort of "have a discreet affair" service, previously had a 2009 commercial banned by NBC in 2009.

It's not raunchy, maybe just a little bit racy, but given what happened during 2004's Nipplegate, the networks still want to be on the side of caution. FOX's explanation: "Standards & Practices has deemed the Ashley Madison spot is not acceptable to air on FOX."

Noel Biderman, the founder of the website, had this to say:

"Now that so many adult film stars including Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey have crossed over into the mainstream, it's disappointing that the NFL continues to discriminate against them. I wonder if they're planning on restricting Ben Roethlisberger from playing or Rex Ryan from coaching in the big game[.]"

There will still be plenty of commercials to take a gander at.