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Carolina Panthers Hire Sean McDermott As Defensive Coordinator; John Fox, Broncos Still Looking At Jim Mora Jr.

John Fox and the Denver Broncos will need to look elsewhere for a new defensive coordinator as the Carolina Panthers have hired the 36-year-old Sean McDermott, reports ESPN's Chris Mortensen. McDermott was the Philadelphia Eagles' defensive coordinator up until Saturday when coach Andy Reid decided to not bring him back.

Not even two days went by before both the Panthers and the Broncos set up interviews with McDermott. But the Panthers beat the Broncos to the young coach. His role as defensive coordinator may be somewhat diminished since his head coach is Ron Rivera, a noted defensive coordinator with the San Diego Chargers before being hired by Carolina. He replaces Ron Meeks, now the Panthers' secondary coach.

Jim Mora Jr. remains a candidate for the Broncos, and Jay Glazer reports Mora will land in Denver tonight to interview with John Fox. Mora could also be a candidate with the Eagles. This just goes to show that the NFL is one big cycle for the coaches. Team A fires Head Coach X. Coach X goes to Team B. Team C fires Assistant Coach Y. Teams A and B are interested, but Team A signs Coach Y. Teams B and C are interested in Assistant Coach Z.

The Broncos will hopefully have this cleared up in a few days.