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Denver Broncos Press Conference: John Fox Introduced As New Head Coach

The Denver Broncos held a conference at noon MT on Friday, Jan. 14 to announce John Fox as the team's new head coach. Owner Pat Bowlen, executive vice president of football operations John Elway and Fox, all dressed with orange ties, each took their turns at the podium, though Fox spent the most time there.

John Elway began the presser by announcing John Fox as the 14th head coach in Broncos history. He thanked all the others candidates (Rick Dennison, Perry Fewell, Dirk Koetter and Eric Studesville), but noted that Fox was the coach who seemed the best fit. He said that nothing negative came back from coaches, players or other front offices on Fox, which greatly helped his chances.

Elway then gave way to Bowlen, who kept his remarks even shorter than Elway's. Bowlen said, "I think he [Fox] can come in here and turn this organization around." Bowlen then gave way to Fox.

Fox quickly announced that he was "proud to stand here in front of" Broncos Country and ready to rebuild the team. He was excited to bring back the fans and the winning ways to the Broncos' organization.

The first question Fox discussed was Champ Bailey's status. He said it was too early to discuss that, given the precarious nature of the league's labor situation. Fox said that he had yet to make any final determinations on whom his coaching staff will include. Also, he has yet to determine if the Broncos will use either a 4-3 or 3-4 defensive scheme. He stressed that it is more important to find balance on defense more than anything else. The offense is a head of the defense at this time, but balance will be able to help that out in the long-term.

While he did not give any notion that he has settled on Tim Tebow as the team's quarterback, Fox did praise the young quarterback, saying, "He'll do whatever it takes" to succeed in the NFL and that "[...] he's not afraid to be great." He also likes the groups of wide receiver and offensive lineman the Broncos have.

To close things out, Fox reiterated what John Elway has previously said, "As long as it's not going to affect the competitive aspects, I'm going to be as open & honest as possible."

The John Fox Era has begun.