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Denver Broncos Coaching Search: Candidate Perry Fewell Receives Consideration In SN 2010 NFL Awards

The Sporting News announced its end-of-the-season NFL awards today, and Perry Fewell, New York Giants defensive coordinator and candidate for the Denver Broncos head coaching position, finished fourth in the voting for coordinator of the year. Fewell's Giants were seventh in total yards allowed (4,972), having the ninth-best passing defense (209.5 yards/game) and eighth-best rushing defense (101.3). His defense had 46 sacks in 2010, while the Broncos' struggled to reach 20 (the team finished with 23).

But the coordinator who won the award? The Atlanta Falcons' Mike Mularkey, who canceled his interview with the Broncos last week to concentrate on his team's upcoming playoff game. The Falcons had only the 16th overall total offense in the league (5,458), Mularkey is known to get the most out of his players.

As of now, it appears unlikely that Mularkey will receive an interview with the Broncos. Former Panthers coach John Fox is currently interviewing with the team and could be considered the front-runner for the position.