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Chargers Vs. Broncos Weather Report: Cold But Sunny At Game Time Expected

When the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers kickoff at 2:15 p.m. MT on Sunday at INVESCO Field at Mile High, the temperature should be a crisp 38 degrees Fahrenheit for the players on the field and for the fans in the stands. That's is reporting as of this writing. It will, however, feel as though it's 32 degrees out there.

That's positively warm compared to overnight temperatures that will make it feel as though it were below zero for those outside. Wind will play a factor in this, as there should be an 8 mile per hour wind coming from the west. By the end of the game it will feel well into the low 20s, though the actual temperature will be in the high 20s.

Those San Diego players better adapt quickly to the cold conditions or be prepared to face a deep freeze on both sides of the ball.