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Broncos Press Conference: Spygate 'One Of Many Factors' To Fire McDaniels; Bowlen Relinquishes Day-To-Day Role

After Eric Studesville’s portion of the press conference ended, Broncos chief operating officer Joe Ellis answered questions concerning Josh McDaniels’ firing and the direction of the team. Ellis mentioned that Spygate was “one of many factors” that led owner Pat Bowlen to fire McDaniels. Bowlen came to that decision sometime Sunday night after the Broncos’ latest loss. According to Ellis, Bowlen found this decision the hardest one of its kind that he had to make.

Ellis repeatedly stressed that the team had placed an unfair burden on McDaniels by giving him so much responsibility. Ellis strongly suggested that the new head coach will not have as much responsibility thrust upon him and that a support staff will be in place.

Ellis also confirmed what has been speculated about over the past few weeks: “Pat [Bowlen] asked me to come down. He’s at a point in his life where he wants to take a step back, let someone else run day-to-day operations.”

The interregnum has started.