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Ellis: John Elway Is A Business Consultant With Denver Broncos

During today’s press conference, chief operating officer Joe Ellis confirmed that John Elway is a business consultant with the Broncos and that Pat Bowlen would be interested in having Elway join in on football operations. However, talks between the two have not progressed beyond the very early stages of interest.

Listening to Ellis, it sounds as though Elway is very much interested in joining the Broncos in a larger capacity. During the conference, Ellis said, “Conversations we have had with Elway clearly indicate he loves the Broncos and loves Denver.”

As it stands, the Denver Broncos are concentrating on the next four games right now, but are in the process of evaluating how to best structure the organization. If John Elway is brought in he will need support as it is unclear what role the team would offer him. Dan Marino had been brought in to work with the Miami Dolphins and failed to understand what it would take to work in the front office.